RS-232 Interface Software for Digital Gages
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The EASY GAGE software allows you to collect data from calipers, micrometers, scales, or other measuring devices equipped with RS-232 or SPC interfaces.


Direct input into standard DBASE III data files - Footswitch or Timed Polling
Target Measure Mode - Measure / Sort Against User Defined Database of Target Items
Audio Echo Digits, Size, and Sort Parameters for the Visually Impaired
User Defined .WAV Files (create your own so you don't have to listen to me)
Will Run on 386/486, 4 Megs Ram, Win 3.1 and 1 Meg Hard Disk Space

The Good News:    The EASY GAGE software is only $ 50.00

The Bad News :    Additional Hardware Costs Are About $ 350.00

Recommended Measuring Hardware:

Mitutoyo SPC 6" Calipers (or Micrometer) # 500 171 ($175.00)
Mitutoyo 2 Meter Cable # 905 409 ($ 30.00)
Smart Cable by Gage Connections Inc. # 200-50R ($ 169.00)
ENCO Tools (Calipers and Micrometers) 1-800-965-5857

Note: EASY GAGE currently supports the SMART CABLE INTERFACE ONLY. However, Gage Connections make Smart Cables for a wide range of Calipers / Micrometers / Gages. EASY GAGE should work with alternate Gages / Smart Cable combinations.

Please email if you would like additional information on this product.

email: sss@23s.com

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